is there any worry to have no swap partition?

hy and happy new year:)
on my son,s new laptop=asus vivobook pro N552VW-FY204T, CPU=i7-6700HQ @ 2.6GHz, GPU=intel HD Graphics 530 & NVIDIA geforce GTX 960M, RAM=16GB, storage=SSD 512GB
I installed opensuse leap 42.2, uefi, filesystem ext4, no swap, fstab options>arbitrary option value=discard, dual boot with windows10 following this:
I forgot the swap partition,
is there any counter indication to have no swap partition with 16gb of ram??
is it better or possible to have other kind of swap I don’t know??
manythanks, ciao :slight_smile: pier

It won’t hibernate without swap or at least a swap file. Unless you seriously load the system with 16 gig you probably would not normally need it

swap file?? is it possible ??

Yes But nut entirely sure it works with hibernate

I do not think that a file swap can be used for hibernate. The kernel parameter for hibernate space points to a partition.

Well maybe (I have never seen it done but…) you could mod grub config resume parameter to point to the file. True it normally points to a partition but it by way of the file system so maybe just pointing to a swap formatted file would work. But maybe not LOL. It would probably have to be done via hand YAST is probably not setup to deal with that corner case. But much simpler to just reinstall and add the swap partition

manythanks, I made a 5gb swap file only for safety, I don’t care about hybernation, the boot is enough fast with ssd drive to be ok :-), the suspend/resume is the problem

Suspend to memory or suspend to disk (ie hibernation) ???

Video /drivers can matter on any resume

suspend, to ram,

Is the problem occurring during suspend or resume? Can you describe in greater detail? As gogalthorp mentioned, graphics drivers can be a common cause. Sometimes there are workarounds available.

I don’t use swap never had
suspend to ram ie sleep works fine without swap that’s mb related newer pc’s shouldn’t have an issue with it
suspend to disk ie hibernate will not work without swap
when I install I never format a swap partition, I only use 2 partitions a root and home I never had an issue, suspend to disk works good my mobo even turns off my psu and relies on battery power as modern ram needs little.

manythanks deano, the problem occurr on resume, on suspend apparently works well, when resume it seems to work but the screen remain black

manythanks IA, good to know :slight_smile:

I recommend starting another thread for that with descriptive title to attract the attention of those who can assist further (since it is not a swap issue).

it’s already opened


To the point: Hibernate_Without_Swap_Partition (Debian wiki)

Further swap resources :