is there any partition tools which can dynamically increase partition's size without data loss?

my system is triple-booted , windows 7 on physical partition, openSUSE12.3 and mageia 3 on logic partitions.
windows 7’s file system is NTFS
openSUSE12.3 and mageia 3 's file system is ext4
i wanna format mageia 3, and give its harddisk space to openSUSE12.3
in windows, partition magic can do this job. but it does not work in windows 7.
can parted magic do this job? or any other tools can do ?
thanks advance.

I use Parted Magic
But I’d like to have seen a screen of the layout in Gparted before advising further

i have successfully merged mageia’s partition into openSUSE’s.
actually some time after i started this thread, i recalled i had successfully shrunken windows’ partition without data loss with parted magic.i found openSUSE’s partion and mageia’s are continuous, so i know can merge them.
after i merged these two partitions, grub2 is broken.but i have fixed it by 's guide.
thanks caf4926 again. has helped me more than 2 times.

Well done with that…