Is there an arm repository?

Right now, it is 2 days for i585, and 1 day for x86_64 to build.

But my software is an *.noarch.rpm! I looked for an ARM64 repo because 60 servers are idle at this time! What repo should I add to get ARM or ARM64 builds???

Build locally using osc? Else you might be better off asking about any
delays on the build service IRC channel or mailing list…

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What is the deal? I cannot select ARM/ARM64!!!

What is the deal indeed? I cannot see any evidence ARM Processor Instruction Set Architecture of ARM having released a 64 bit arch, so if there stuff I should know about, please tell.

When adding a repository you just select the advanced button to add

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I don’t think a ARM64 architecture exists yet. The Cortex A15 only support 32 bits.

Currently an openSuSE ARM mailinglist exists.
Maybe it’s best to join the effort to build an openSuSE ARM distro.

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