Is there a verbose mode for errors and warnings like a c++ compiler has?

Does OBS give error messages that tell something about what went wrong, like many programming tools give? And warnings that tell where something may go wrong even if it mostly works?

Yes, either during make (add V=1 for verbose output), add %{optflags} to your build for CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS etc compiler warnings/errors. Finally the rpm checks at the end of the build will show warning/errors… and either pass or fail and need fixing.

This is up to specific Makefile to support so may or may not work.

What about web interface? There is this link “rpmlint results” but it gives just “No rpmlint log”

Can one selection make all stages give warnings? One box clicked so that all programs from compiler to rpm are in verbose mode? If not, should there be?

Look at the build log, the warning summary is at the end… No check boxes for this, I’m sure there is some project configuration that can be done. To be honest the web ui is to slow for my work flow, muck easier to build/fix/review/test locally than wait for the web side to finish…

Looks like the build does not even start, so there can’t be a build log. The very first steps before build need to also give error messages.

I don’t even know what url to give from github. I tried some guesses. Unclear if obs got the files or not. Success messages are important too.

Compiler giving error messages would be surprise since qt creator has compiled PPFCU in many systems without a warning.

Easier than web UI? The package transfer and building phases too? What method or software is easier? For beginners too?

An error in your service file…


<param name="filename">pac-person-freespace</param>

To the name that matches your spec file (as indicated when you hover over the ‘broken’ in build result)

<param name="filename">ppfcu</param>

Thentrigger a service run…

Did that and it seemed to move the error bit further, which is good.

Having error message in a hover-tooltip is wrong. It needs to be in obvious place and able to be copy pasted easily, like in a page that comes when clicking the"broken".

That error message pointed to a file that can not be edited, which is confusing.