Is there a cookbook for installing CUDA?

Wondering if anyone has published a cookbook for installing nVidia’s CUDA (SDK and Toolkit) into OpenSuSE, preferably 11.3.

Surprised, am installing latest downloadables from nVidia, when attempting to compile the examples in the SDK/shared, I get an error

SuSEbox:~/NVIDIA_GPU_Computing_SDK/shared # make
make: g++: Command not found
make: *** [obj/i386/release/shrUtils.cpp.o] Error 127

I believe g++ is supposed to be part of gcc which is installed.


I could tell you which package is missing, but I think you need a better solution:

zypper install command-not-found

Now you can always type “cnf <whatever command your system couldn’t find>” to maybe get an idea, so in this case “cnf g++”.

Thx, something good to know although all it did was to confirm that g++ is part of gcc (already installed) which means that I really shouldn’t have gotten that error.

Will try again after cleaning up the other issue you commented for me in the Wireless forum.


No, g++ is not part of the package gcc.

You’re right, on my system it’s already present in gc-c++ which is also already installed.


The file /usr/bin/g++ is only a symlink and if it is not there although gcc-c++ is installed, it must have been removed, most likely by the user.

which g++

rpm -q --whatprovides $(which g++) 

Reinstall gcc-c++ and do not change anything after that.

i installed cuda about 90 days ago with no problems . Everything built just fine

once i used gcc 4.3 and not 4.5
mind you i have 3.4 ,4.1,4.3 and 4.5 installed
as for a “cook book”
CUDA Toolkit 3.1 (June 2010)
ll the green documentation on the right side
or the
suse 11.2 ( 32/64) bin. install
you also need to use the cuda nvidia driver "Developer Drivers for Linux (256.40) "

Cool, thx.
I have

I must have missed that this version might cause a problem? Did you discover that by trial and error or is it noted somewhere I might have overlooked?

Also, I might have misunderstood that there is a special package of nVidia drivers? I understood (perhaps incorrectly) that it should have been sufficient to install the latest driver from the nVidia website (my driver is 256.53).


gcc 4.5 ??
most code will still need very minor hacks to build on that version .
It is getting better every day but , but some code dose not like the gcc beta version 4.5
It all depends on when the last update to the code was and IF a fix was added for newer versions of gcc

just look at all the trouble people have had with porting from 4.1 to 4.3 then 4.4 . 4.5 will not be any different

as to the drivers ? let me read the docs again , i might be a bit wrong
but it is my understanding that to write and build cuda code one would need the "development " driver .

Re required nvidia drivers.

The current driver I’m now using which was d/l from nVidia only weeks ago appears to be the last official release that bundles a number of extensions so no additional installs are needed.

Apparently starting with v260.x the official download will not include extensions for various technologies including CUDA.
(Of course, read the driver documentation to verify what you get).


SuSEbox:~/NVIDIA_GPU_Computing_SDK/shared # make

Where about is the above file located on my system; with a default installation?? I installed the latest CUDA driver (3.2) and confirmed that it was installed, But I want to make sure that it is actually picking up my card.


etech97 :)

I wrote a guide for installing the CUDA SDK on 64-bit and 32-bit Suse 11.3, and updated it for CUDA 3.2

Nvidia CUDA - Lyceum

NVIDIA CUDA and openSUSE 11.3

There definitely are a few things to be aware of, I think I covered most of the gotchas in the guide.