Is openSUSE right for me?

I am running an HP Pavilion with 2.53 Mhz processor, 1GB of ram and the graphics that came with the system. The system is about 3 years old. I am wondering if openSUSE is right for me. I have read about Linux and am tired of XP. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Well, if Your CPU were 2.53MHz then it wouldn’t be suitable even for MS DOS. It should be fine with your CPU and RAM amount, i have no idea what is Your graphic card so can’t say if it will work out of the box. I propose to read pre-install thread

The best way to find out is to download the Gnome or KDE Live CDs and try it for size. If things work, you can go ahead and install, as long as you have defragged your XP disk and have at least 10G free, but preferably 20G.

If openSUSE doesn’t work on your system, it may be a simple matter which someone on these forums can fix for you or you may be better trying a different distro.

thanks. I am running Ubuntu 8.04 and when i try to get 8.10 there is always something that goes wrong. Usually with graphics and comp freezing or slowing down to almost nothing. I would like a Linux distro, where I can have the latest version and not worry about performance. I am torn between keeping Ubuntu 8.04 and getting openSUSE or Xubuntu. I have tried the Ubuntu forums but it seems that everyone is too busy answer every post but mine. I am distraught. I got Linux because of the (supposed) great community help and how it is so much better than windows. I have yet to experience this with any Linux forum or with the operating system. I am starting to get turned off to Linux. I do not want this to happen, as I really hate windows and would be deeply saddened if I had to return to it

I agree with John_Hudson, grab a LIVE copy of any Distro you want to run, burn to CD, and see how it runs on your target system. This something I do prior to changing my OS. Like any other OS, First release’s always have problems. And SuSE is no differnt. But in my experiance, this forum has been filled with expieranced users who can assist me with MOST issues I come accross. I am sorry you had a bad expierance with Unbuntu, try not to allow the bad experiance of one OS community to deter you from trying another. The way I see it, Unbuntu is as diffent to SuSE as Windows or MAC is.

As a parting thought, good luck in your search for a OS that works for you. I hope the SuSE community meets up to your expections.

John :slight_smile: