is K3b incapable of handling m4a?

Hello just noticed when I went to burn a cd (just got a new car and at the moment the stereo does’t have a auxiliary port and I’m not about to use a shotty fm transmitter) that k3b spikes the cpu through the roof an freezes when I write/burn/convert a m4a media file… I’m using k3b version 1.91.0…now I don’t think this is normal, as k3b warns you of about EVERYTHING possible so what could the problem be? Thanks.

From what I have read so far from the K3B Project website, there seems to be no support for m4a. I see mpeg-1, mpeg-2, mpeg-2.5, FLAC, and mp3. You can look yourself, but as far as I can see, K3B mentions nothing about m4a. Best bet is to to convert to FLAC or mp3 if m4a is not supported.

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I did some additional research for you and it turns out that m4a is an unsupported format in K3B. Converting to FLAC or mp3 is as of right now the only solution unless you want to go the hard route (I wouldn’t)which is to decode the M4A files to WAVE with FAAD and then burn the WAVE files.

your right I don’t want to go the hard route thanks for the info:)