Is it possibly to install OpenSUSE with minimal KDE?

Like here with Debian? Only kde-plasma-desktop.

With YaST, Software – install or delete, section “Schemes”, sub-section KDE:

  • There’s a couple of packages named “patterns-openSUSE-kde_plasma” and “patterns-openSUSE-kde”.

AFAICS, the KDE Plasma pattern will install only Dolphin, Kate, and Dragonplayer, plus Breeze and, will suggest the rest of the KDE world but, it’s only a suggestion … The KDE pattern needs only the Plasma pattern and, will also suggest the rest of the KDE world …

Hi, welcome

Why would you? I honestly don’t understand. Is diskspace a problem?

I’ve never tried it with KDE, but have with xfce.

You could try:

zypper in --no-recommends -t pattern kde

Well, as Knurpht points out, there really is no reason to, unless you have a super small drive.

The items just sit there taking up a tiny bit of space on the drive if you do not use them.

The mechanism is rather different from Debian, but it is possible to install so minimal that hardly anything can be done. The YaST installer has a detailed package selection button, which when used offers a menu option to deselect install recommends, which in turn allows virtually anything to be deselected for installation, allowing you to be quite specific in what does or does not get installed if you also make use of the taboo option, which works on a per selection basis.

Well, to get the minimum possible Plasma desktop installation, do not install any KDE patterns, just the package plasma5-session… :wink:

Thanks, I was interested in this Debian-like approach too. There’s a lot selected by default in OpenSuse DVD. I wonder how people usually install minimum like with Debian, with some easy step or they just deselect everything, but selecting packages one by one is kind of hard, and requires knowledge of everything minimum you’ll need?

I am curious as to what the use case would be for such a minimum KDE Plasma installation. I tend to install a few more things after the installation completed, not remove items.