Is it possible to connect to a mega account with webdav with dolphin?

on my leap 15.4 with KDE neon Version 23.04.1 I would like to connect to my mega account ( using the dolphin webdav feature (writing in tha dolphin address bar something like this webdavs://https/ I inserted this webdavs://https/ but it gives me an empty folder.
also this webdavs://
and this webdavs://
what I have to insert in dolphin address bar?

I have no idea about your webdav provider (doesn’t it need an account/password?), but I configure my webdav by clicking Network (in the left column of Dolhpin) and then use Add Network Folder (top right). That gives you a sort of wizzard.

I have magentacloud with davfs2:

manythanks, I tried but it gives me empty folder and the address on dolphin address bar is:
I also tried to remove the /fm/and the rest but nothing change

manythanks, but I cannot understand what to insert in dolphin address bar

AS we have no idea what you filled in in the wizzard, …

hi, in the wizzard I tried:
name=mega and and
port=80 and 443
folder=fm and fm/Opg3TDZK
and many combinations of this

Are you sure that 80 and/or 443 are the correct ports/

AFAIK 80 is http and 443 is https.

Edit: I see in Wikipedia that 80 and 443 are mentioned.

no, I’m not but automatically the wizzard selected them