Is it necessary openssl-devel RPM for OpenSuSE 12.3 ?

I must install new application on server w/OpenSuSE 12.3, but this application requires openssl-devel RPM package, which is formally absent in this distribution. But as I know, openssl-devel package contains openssl header files, development libraries (including and and man/documentation. And although some distributions use libopenssl-devel RPM for libcrypto only, in OpenSuSE 12.3 libopenssl-devel contains in my opinion all header files/development libraries - only documentation is absent.

Should I find openssl-devel package for OpenSuSE 12.3 ? I found only some like openssl-devel-0.9.8j-61.1.x86_64.rpm packages for uknown OpenSuSE version, and the corresponding *.src.rpm, or may install the whole openssl from source - if necessary.

openSUSE 12.3 had his end of life at 2015-01-01.

Running such an old version has it’s drawbacks. E.g. when asking for help.

a devel package means your new application needs to compile and link to the openssl source do not mix devel with runtime packages
as 12.3 has been dead for years I’d suggest upgrading to a supported release (LEAP 15.0 or TW or even LEAP 42.3)
but if you can’t upgrade switch your repo list to point to mirrors (they keep old opensuse versions)
and install libopenssl-devel
try (you should disable your other repo’s as they point to dead resources)

zypper ar -f openSUSE_12.3_OSS
zypper ar -f openSUSE_12.3_non-OSS
zypper ar -f openSUSE_12.3_Update
zypper in libopenssl-devel

libopenssl has been updated a couple of times during 12.3 lifetime you should update your system to the latest packages has then pull libopenssl-devel a mismatching version will result in errors

zypper up
zypper in libopenssl-devel

then build the application you need

Many thanks ! I underestimated how much openssl/libopenssl-devel packages exist also for 12.3 !
But I did not plan upgrade to modern OpenSuSE - it’s for “internal only” old server (w/private IP address) in heterogenous cluster, and cluster headnode is with CentOS 7.

But I was not sure, could I use libopenssl-devel instead of the requested by the application openssl-devel.

Thank you very much again !

In general, there can be (good) reasons to stay at a certain version of the OS, even when it is out of support. This will most often result in a very stable system. But only when you deep-freeze it. As soon as one wants to add software and/or change the usage considerable, one can run into troubles. No version of the to be installed software that works with the old OS found, no knowledge available anymore, etc.

Just a warning.

it’s a naming convention there is no ssl-devel package for opensuse only libopenssl-devel (I’m guessing the ssl-devel is either a RH or Deb name) which provides the same thing header files and dynamic libraries for linking to and
the last openssl package for 12.3 was libopenssl1_0_0-1.0.1h which includes the aforementioned shared libraries and and from your post I don’t think you’re installing new software but compiling it it’s not quite the same thing and you should keep that in mind when using abandoned distributions they might be missing some features needed for successful compile I hope you get your app up and working but there is no guarantees