Is it just me or wired connection in Networkmanager applet can't be edited?

I have two opensuse TW (DE plasma 5)and I noticed that both of them don’t let me edit Networkmanager wired connections. The “Apply” button is always greyed out however I edit the connection. If I just OK out, then no change can be saved when you open it up.

If I do need to make some configuration changes to a connection. I have to create a new wired connection and set it up the way I need and delete the old one.

Nonetheless, editing wifi connection works fine. Some privileged requirement prompt would pop up when I edit.

When I switch my TW/KDE Plasma to Network Manager, I’m also seeing a problem, no edits saved.
Verified it’s not affecting NM running as an nm-applet(Gnome), running in XFCE.

Pls submit a bug to

Although this is an earlier version of Plasma 5, I wonder if it’s related to root permissions changes being implemented upstream, discussed in this thread