Is installing Repo packages via Discover (officially) supported?

Hey there,

on the KDE Forums we had a discussion about installing Repo packages on Arch (based) Distros.
See: Discover: Could not find or read package, EndeavourOS - Help - KDE Discuss

Now I am curios how openSUSE handles this since they support (atleast one) graphical installer.

Is Discover Repo (not Flatpack) packages installing

  • officially supported?
  • discouraged?
  • neither?

I have Opera installed was a Flatpak via Discover.

A day or two ago, I fired up Discover to check for an Opera update, and not only did Opera show up, but a couple other other programs that are not Flatpaks, and a couple low level libraries.

Keep in mind, Discover won’t update everything, you still need to run a zypper dup.