Is file /etc/hosts.deny disabled on OpensSuse 13.2?

Hi all,
recentlly I have updated to opensuse 13.2, from 11.4.
Now I just notice that the entries in file /etc/hosts.deny not taken effect… any rule.

If I set
sshd : ALL or sshd : * or ssh : ALL *
I can continue accesing at my PC from any other IP…

Have forgottern something? Any changes on opensuse 13.2 that I not know?

Thank you.

As far as I know, somebody decided to build “sshd” without tcpwrapper support. So “hosts.deny” doesn’t do anything for ssh.

S**t, That is new! In opensuse 11.4 hosts.deny working properly…
Ok, thank you for the info.

* Sat May 17 2014 Remove tcpwrappers support now, This feature was removed
  in upstream code at the end of April and the underlying
  libraries are abandonware.

I have the same problem since an update last week.

How are we supposed to secure our systems if hosts.deny is ignored?


TCP wrappers were a hack and needed back when you didn’t have firewalls. Now you do and iptables does a lot more, better and faster.