Is everyone spend over $1500 euro this year...

Is everyone build a computer over $1500 euro?:slight_smile:

Well my Mac was over 4k so I guess that’s a yes.

I’m totally sold on the netbook idea myself.

My strategy when I build a desktop tends to be to make it really powerful, and keep it mostly as is till it’s useless.

My last system (affectionately named deepfry after the deep* IBMs because it has, all told, 11 fans in it, and sounds disconcertingly like a small aircraft carrier) is still going strong - another few years in it before it really starts to struggle.

But in the interim I’ve bought myself an eee, and it comes with my sincere recommendation. I’ve never had a laptop before - never really seen the point for my work patterns, and it seemed a needless duplication of equipment. To me a netbook seems, to quote Torvalds, like a laptop done properly - a recognition of the fact that mobile computers are essentially, by their nature, disposable. Not intended as a dig at powerful laptops; obviously as a primary system a netbook is useless, and sometimes expediency enters into anything, but you see my point.

So anyway, just injecting a quick cry of “Viva cheap computing!” into the conversation. Thanks.

Ripoff! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep filling Job’ bank account, girl :stuck_out_tongue:

SAS drives don’t come cheap :’(

I can get over $1500 euro one motherboard for $3500 US that is over $1500 euro.
Yes one motherboard $3500 US plus tax of course.:wink:
If I math I can spend a PC for $10000 Euro and I will be broke;)

The concept of a netbook is great but I view them, as they are currently marketed, as overpriced windows sets. Most are about $350-$425 with 1 gig ram, < 64 gig drive, ~9 inches in screen size, no DVD and running XP. My advice is to pickup a cheap 12-15 inch laptop and use it instead.

I have 2xmonitor ViewSonic VX1962wm top of the line NVidia card Geforce GTX 295 it is still in box plus 1.5TB HD that is all for now.One more is coming and I will let you know;)


What is your point? It seems like a random comment.

Unless you’re buying the IBM roadrunner (or some other supercomputer), paying $4000 for any computer is a ripoff.

$350-$400 usd for 300gb is not that much. I could add 6 sas drives to my $1500 i7 system and still come in less that $4000

Add in 2 display adapters, 30" screen, a few USB drives and you’re clockin’ 4k before you know it - and that’s 4000€, not $. On that note I haven’t had a single hour of downtime with the machine (infact no downtime of any kind for that matter) - I wonder how many here can claim the same.

I don’t care if the computer costed 10k €, all I care about is that it ‘gets the job done’ because Time = €.

eh, I have a SUSE 9.1 Pro running on a local server for 2.5 years now without a single reboot and I think it’ll keep running for even longer

Server != workstation.

You could run XP for years without rebooting too, that doesn’t mean it’s actually ubar-awesome stable rig.

Actually, my rig is a workstation that operates like a server. It doesn’t have server-class HW but uses regular cheap PC parts (well, not that cheap, but most of them are). It’s been very stable so far and without any noticeable performance degradation. Sure, I can keep Win running for years, but oh boy will it be slow

your saying M$ windows?

Would love to spend 1500 euro’s on a pc but I don’t think I’d be able to afford it. My 500 euro pc I got 2 years ago still works fine. I just update the video card and processor occasionally. That way I have a ‘new’ pc every year or so. Until I need a bigger upgrade. But even then I would not spend 1500 $/£/€. Just don’t have that kind of money.

I was about to get my linux system for $400, and I find it much more useful then a Netbook.

My desktop (sans monitor) that I bought in 2006 or so only cost $600 USD, and it has a 64 bit Dual core AMD, 4 gigs of ram, and a 500 gig HD, and I put in a $200 video card. I don’t see spending that type of money on a computer when by the time the parts arrive, It would have dropped $100 in cost.