Is dolphin much slower with kde 4.9.1 than kde 4.8.4/5?

Has anyone found kde 4.9.1 slower in file management mode than kde 4.8.4/5?

I have been running an updated 12.2 64 bit system to 12.3 milestone 0 (using the factory repo). When I opened a folder with 1,500 files or so, highlighted them all and did a mouse right-click - it took a few seconds before the menu option (delete, copy, move etc) came up. I originally put this down to a quirk of factory, wiped my system, did a fresh install of 12.2 and then updated it to kde 4.9.1 but I still get the same delay before the menu option comes. Rolled my system back to kde 4.8.5 and the menu option comes up instantaneously.

Is it just me?


Don’t know if it’s just you, I don’t experience this on 4.9.1, to be honest, it feels snappier on my laptop than 4.8.x