is cyberorg's compiz-git worth the effort?

Right now I have openSUSE 11 with the Kernel, Compiz 0.7.8, and GNOME 2.22.1.

I also have Ubuntu installed on a seperate partition.

I am planning on switching from Ubuntu to openSUSE but there is one thing holding me back, the Compiz screensaver plugin.

On my Ubuntu installation i have a screensaver plugin for Compiz.

So I have been trying to find a way to compile the screensaver plugin for Compiz in openSUSE.

The only thing I could find about the screensaver plugin at all is that you need to use Cyberorg’s repository to get it.

So I assume that I will need to remove my existing Compiz before I can install compiz-git-all

Before I Leap into this and ruin a perfectly good Compiz installation, will this be worth it?

Will the compiz-git version of Compiz be unstable or is it only certain plugins that, when activated, are unstable?

cyberorg’s compiz is usually the edge of compiz development and it could have some unstable plugins
in the 1st moment a plugin is ok it will appeat in XGL repo too