Is Cinnamon 4 coming to Tumbleweed?

The 4 series of the Cinnamon desktop was released last November. Arch has it, as do (I believe) Manjaro and other Arch based distros. But I see neither hide nor hair of it in the X11 repository– and, in my ignorance of how packages are maintained at openSUSE, wonder if openSUSE shall update Cinnamon no longer.

Two other users contributed news to a related Bugzilla entry – – without a response, as did user gqman69 at .

So, I thought I’d ask.

Also: if I understand correctly, the X11 repository is a staging area for latest-and-greatest Cinnamon versions that eventually make it to the main repositories. I experimented with it while troubleshooting the problem reported last May, , but it later gave me grief, and I was grateful to remove it from my repositories list. Still, I assume that the Cinnamon new arrivals land there first.

You would need to ask that project maintainers as to the status…

You could also try the last email address [Alexei Sorokin (XRevan86)] in the changes…

Thanks, Malcolm! I hadn’t seen those links.