I got opensuse 11.0 out of a live cd distributed by a GNU/Linux magazine. It supposetely includes xchat but I can’t manage to log on any IRC. I tried downloading KVIrc but it didn’t work. I’m very new on linux so I have no idea if I’m not doing something or doing it all wrong or if the problem isn’t coming from me

xchat works fine on openSUSE-11.0. Simply select FreeNode when the XChat: Network List comes up. (Also Fill in a “nick name”, “second choice”, 3rd choice", Username, and “Real Name” ) . Then click connect.

Once connected to “freenode”, to join the openSUSE forum, type in xchat: /join #suse

I actually got konversation but but hey! may be an error on the live cd dunno anyways thanx

Hi oldcpu:

I managed to run kopete and I can`t find FreeNode?

For IRC I use xchat. Not kopete.

Where do I find xchat,I saw some where.I looked in yast and found it could you please point me what should I install id,so it will work?

SuSE-Beginner, please go back and read this stickie:
NEWBIES - Suse-11.1 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums

It will answer many questions that you are bringing up. It has many links to useful information.

One of the links in that stickie is to the webpin search engine:
Webpin search engine for openSUSE

If you search the webpin search engine for xchat you will get this:
Webpin search for xchat

I think you would benefit from a brush up on basics. Please read this concepts page: Concepts - openSUSE

Hey I really appreciate for thatlol!

Unless I’m misstaking kvirc should be in the packman repository btw. The KDE4 svn version is up on webpin


Thank you XChat I installed I look at I fund FreeNode excellent next I try FreeNodelol!