iPhone USB tethering on 12.1

Hello everyone.

I am currently in the process of switching to OpenSUSE 12.1 (64 bit) from Windows 7 (…one day I realized that the software I was using most were Linux applications that were ported to Windows).

In general all is fine except that I have not been able to find a clear-cut method for tethering my iphone (it is the 1G version with Edge only, but works like charm with PDANet on Windows 7) via USB. I will appreciate if one could direct me to some solutions.

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When you plug in your iPhone, then a module ‘ipheth’ should load, allowing you to use your iPhone for tethering. It should show up as an available connection in NetworkManager as Mobile Broadband.

That’s how it works in Gnome anyways…

Many thanks for the response, dear katanacb. However, When I connect my iPhone, it is identified as a portable media player and the operations provided are to download pictures etc.

lsmod | ipheth gives:
ipheth 13526 0

modinfo --version ipheth prints out:
module-init-tools version 3.13.

The broadband mobile tab in network manager is disabled.

I am using the KDE version supplied on the DVD. How should I proceed??

FWIW, I couldn’t get USB tethering to work (openSUSE 11.4, KDE4.6.5), even though ‘ipheth’ loads. I wondered it was due to some some IP config or authentication issue with the network manager. I just couldn’t get it to connect. However, wireless (hotspot) connectivity works perfectly for me.

If you could not get it to work, I wonder how I can… Anyways. Can it be a KDE issue I wonder… Katanacb seems to have managed it on Gnome… The reason I prefer USB is that it keeps the phone charged all the time, so I do not worry about battery running out during long sessions.

To be fair, I’ve never tried this on KDE. I’ve only done it on GNOME … in fact I had to blacklist the ipheth module because it was causing problems for me.

I think I need to write a howto on the iDevices and openSUSE … I’m wrapped up in a few threads on this, and I’ve suffered through getting this to work more times than I care to count.

You might want to look at udev and creating a custom rule for your

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I think that this should be a howto though ----- getting iDevices working with OpenSUSE.

Looking forward to this iDevices-HOWTO :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.


I have this problem too. Can’t connect to internet with iPhone.
Please hurry with your howto.

Greetings from germany.

The way I read this thread - is no one has volunteered to write a how to.

Such a how to will NEED to come from one of the users who have the iPhone hardware.

That’s partially correct. I"m willing to write this, but it’s not going to happen RIGHT NOW … it will take me a few weeks. I’m way too slammed with work-related things these days. But I volunteer myself to write an iOS HOWTO. I think I’ll also write an Android HC/ICS HOWTO as well, since those aren’t seen as USB devices anymore (it’s MTP)…


Have you created the HOWTO instructions?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note3 with Android KitKat and Toshiba Satellite A105 with OpenSUSE 13.1.

I have the current version of PDANet (4.1) and I am able to send files from laptop to Note3 via bluetooth, but unable to connect usb/bluetooth via internet.
I recall June Fabric (PDANet) mentioning they don’t have USB internect connectivitiy as of yet, but do have bluetooth Dunn (internet) connect. I can’t connect either way.
Before switching from XP, I was able to connect without issue.

Please advised.