IP device blocked by firewall

Hi to all, I have a device in the IP address Every time I need to connect to that particular IP I have to disable the Tumbleweed firewall. Is there a way to enable that IP address to connect to my laptop running Tumbleweed?

What service are you trying to connect to on the device with the ip address Normally outboud traffic is not blocked, suspect it is trying to ack back at your Tumbleweed system…

you say indeed two different things above.

  • you say your system (of which we do not have an IP address) “needs to connect the device”, which is out
    going traffic from your system; - then you say “enable that IP address (the device I assume) to connect to your system”, which is in
    coming traffic for your system.

As Malcolm says, a firewall wil normaly block (some of the) incoming traffic, not the outgoing.

hi to all, I have a wemos d1 r1 OTA port in arduino. If the firewall is active, arduino ide can’t detect de OTA port. I have to disable the firewall, restart arduino and then the port is detected by arduino.

If you disable the firewall then run nmap against the device ip address it should show which ports are open. These then need to be opened in the firewall.

hi malcom, how do I open a port in the firewall in opensuse? Thanks for your help.

Via YaST -> Security and Users -> Firewall, it should be the internal zone you can select the port tab and add as required.