IOS App Development on Opensuse

Is it possible to develop IOS Applications on OpenSuse? Is there any available development kit or IDE?

Any ideas will be valuable, the project is a small app that my brother asked me for managing his cats’ feeding expenses.


You need an environment that provides the iOS SDK - and for that an Apple device is needed. However, there are a number of online services that can provide a means to develop iOS apps. (For example, and just to name a couple.)

Lots of interesting discussions on this subject if you care to search

I think Xamarin, which uses Mono on the back end, requires OS X for developing iOS applications.

Thanks both of you for your replies.
@deano_ferrari: My search before, I post on the forum resulted in most cases the solution to be: Install MacosX into virtual machine and then start developing. I will check you links if they have more infos on the matter.


You can develop targeting any hardware platform including an iOS device (ie iPhone or iPad) on any OS. The Development platform’s file system typically has no relevance to the target file system.

So, in the case of iOS (I won’t talk about other mobile platforms like Android, ChromeOS, Windows, etc) the highly recommended “native” language is C++. But, the highly recommended Dev environment is XCode which runs only on the MacOS. You can build iOS apps without XCode, but it’s never seen for practical reasons. The main alternative to building an app that runs natively is to build an HTML5/CSS/JS cross-platform app, but there are plus and minus to that approach.

The other main Development issue is how you intend to test your code. You will want to either connect a real piece of hardware (the best and most reliable option) or run the iOS target platform in a virtualized environment. Again, tools like XCode will setup an integrated test environment but you can also run iOS in something like QEMU.

Summary and bottom line:
Yes, you can build an iOS app on Linux (and openSUSE), but you’d be somewhat off the reservation doing so. If you want to build like others for iOS, you’ll have to run MacOS in a virtual machine or on a physical box.


This is so obvious, and never thought that brfore! Thanks, i’ll try that. Need to learn iOS development (i’m already work with android).