Internet Problem

Hi I am new to linux, and forgive me if there is already a post to answer this.

Anyway here is my problem.

I can connect to but I cannot connect to any other site only

Did you try a ping command at the command prompt?
For example:

ping NASA - Home

Give this a try and post the output you get.

What is the command prompt? Where can I find it?
Is it something like cmd.exe in windows?

open a console/terminal,that will give you a prompt. press alt+f2 & type konsole & press enter to bring it up.


It says konsole not found.
But I can’t understand why I can’t visit any other site except

Because it probably is set as your browsers homepage.
If using Firefox, open Edit > Preferences > Main.
Homepage probably shows
Select it and delete it, close the preferences window.

If that’s not your problem, in Firefox address bar select the shown address in there, hit the delete button and in the address bar type:
Can you reach Googles site now?

Konsole (or Terminal) can be found in Gnome:
computer > click button more applications > in Application Browser window in left pane click System > in right pane click Gnome Terminal.

The terminal window will open, showing something like this:
now just type in there:

It will show you the results.
You can stop this proces with CTRL+C.

BTW: If you’re using KDE someone else may chime in to assist you.


64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=238 time=168ms

and it keeps doing until you cancel it

I also set google as home page but still nothing happens, it keeps loading forever.

Lol. I tried visiting paypal, and it worked, it seems I can only visit trusted web sites, but why does that excludes google?

Anyone can help me remove/fix this?
I tried disabling AppArmor but still I can only vist sites like paypal or western union :confused: