Internet not working in Windows XP and other Windows versions (vmware)=SOLVED

Hello All,

It seems like most of you may be using Vmware workstation/Player, Virtualbox, etc. and running Windows OS. Many of you may be encountering known issue “Internet not working”. Well here are the steps to resolve that issue.
-Make sure that your virtual machine’s network adapters are connected (Check that the vmnet1 and vmnet8 are connected)

  • Launch your VMware and clcik on edit virtual machine settings for the Windows OS
  • Click Network adapter and select NAT
  • Play your virtual Windows OS
  • Disable the firewall for the Windows OS as well as your host machine
  • Click on network connections (Open the network adapters)
  • Select properties under the VMware adapter
  • Open the properties TCP/IPv4 (TCP/IP in XP and Vista)
  • Check IPconfig command from CMD and capture your default gateway (For instance I am taking mine as
  • Click use the following IP address
    *IP address- 192.168.24.XXX (Enter the last set between 100-254)
    *Subnet mask= Let Windows decide it
    *Default gateway= Enter the default gateway you captured from CMD
  • Click use the following DNS servers
    *preferred DNS servers=
    *Alternate DNS servers=
    (Note-the above DNS servers helps to remove any security blocks)
  • Click OK
  • Fire up your browser and check if it’s working, if not restart your virtual OS

Happy hunting,
Abhijeet Bhardwaz

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Your steps are all reasonable,
but are only one person’s “cookbook.”

There are many things that can result in a non-working Internet connection and some require even more testing and configuration than what is described.

If you’re interested in creating a comprehensive approach to network troubleshooting in a virtualized environment, I’m all for it.
I’d recommend for starters setting up your own wiki page to provide a starting point. Creating your own wiki pages here is free and easy to do and can be edited by any other openSUSE member without special effort.

Your wiki page for example would start at the following page, when you browse to the URL it will say the page does not exist and would you like to create a page. Say “Yes” and start building your page. Decide how you’d like to organize the information on the page and in particular your cookbook steps so that they can provide the framework for something that might grow.

After creating the above page to anchor your wiki, you can create subpages like the following(You’ll still have to create links from one page to the other, nothing is automatic)

If your creation grows to something really valuable to others, it’ll be a welcome asset to the Community.

Have fun!

Apologies deano_ferrari](, I am actually new to the forum and I will be more careful next time

Great, I will take some time to prepare some points to troubleshoot the VM’s and something (actually little) that I know about SUSE

Things like Howtos should be exact and presice, else they will confuse people and be worse then having no Howto.

Thus first find out if you want to do this for openSUSE (here) or for SUSE (elsewhere).