Internet connection and openSUSE 11 Gnome


I installed openSUSE 11 from Gnome Live disk and I have a really annoying connection problem.

  1. I have two network cards that are correctly recognized. I use NetworkManager for connecting (can’t figure out how ifup works). When configured in YaST I have System eth0 and System eth1 entries in NetworkManager Applet.

  2. I created new DSL connection which appeared as the third entry in NetworkManager Applet and which I use to connect to Internet.

So, the problem is that every time i boot, NetworkManager first try System eth0 and eth1 to connect and failes, then try DSL connection and ask me for pass. I’d like to know how to make DSL “default” and automatic (and to stop asking me for a password)?

In openSUSE 10.3 nothing of this existed. I simply log on, connection went automatically without a question. Now all this is different and very annoying.