Internet access speed

It seems that the display of web on-line videos were not so good as my configuration under windows. The reading is freezing all the time.
Is it any parameter I could check/modify to get it better ?
Thank you in advance

Are you meaning Flash?

I think so.
Video by youtube for instance.

You may have explained this before in other threads, I don’t know. But tell us about your Computer Video Card and if you have installed a driver.

Yes, I installed amd driver, successfully (after time).
But if I download the video on my hd, the quality is good.
Thank you

Have a look at process use when it’s running a video

type this in a terminal: top

If you have not already, you could:

  • remove beagle
  • disable ipv6

Reference a comparison to Windoze, using the version of mplayerplug-in (custom built by one of our openSUSE forum members) I find that various flash videos actually play better on my openSUSE boot partition, than they do on same PC under WinXP. … In my case I suspect WinXP is not tuned. … But as I think you suspected, the point more is that it is in many (not all) cases it is possible to tune openSUSE to play better than what you are experiencing.

It is correct.
I would like my system to work as good as it is able.
ipv6 has already been switched off, doesn’t work at all when on.
I removed beagle. It is maybe a little better.
Try to input top and there are lot of parameters shown.
What am I supposed to do with ? Any of them speak maybe more than other ? Comparison chart ?
Thanks again for Your help.

You can press PrintScreen to take a snapshot of the terminal running top, and post the image here.

poste an image …
yes of course.

Isn’t it boring sometimes to speak for id…, alone ?
thank you for your patience.

Did I make anyone angry ?
Wasn’t my purpose anyway. Was just laughing on me, nothing else.
A help would be appreciated.
I just don’t know how to stick an image on the forum.
Thank you so far

Just upload the image to a site like imagebam: ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing

It will give you a URL. Post the URL here.

Sorry for the late answer.
Here is the link : ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing
Thank You for Your help