intel nuc graphics

I just got an intel nuc with a qs77 chip set
My problem is that the units 1080 x 1920 display is larger than my screen’s 1080 x 1920 display
any suggestions

I’m not quite understanding you. Do you mean that the image is being over-scanned, such that the monitor does not display the entire desktop image? If so, could you tell us more about your monitor/tv? (That could be where the problem lies.)

My monitor which is a curtis tv does not display the full screen. I tried a toshiba with the full screen.
I updated the bios to version 0040 which is
|BIOS Update [GKPPT10H.86A]

This download record provides three options for updating the BIOS of the Next Unit of Computing Boards and Kits.


Your description is still too vague. Is the desktop image being cropped on all sides (overscanning), or is it shifted to one side? You mentioned ‘curtis tv’ - it could be that the tv/monitor is causing the image to be over-scanned. My advice is to check the menu setting on your tv first, and make sure that it is not zooming. Different manufacturers name this differently. You might want to read this article on the subject:

Using TV screens as monitors (how to fix overscan/zoom) | Kate’s Comment

Sorry forgot that info. It is being over scanned