Intel Graphics driver

Did any one see this

tried it?

On Tue 04 Jun 2013 04:06:01 AM CDT, caf4926 wrote:

Did any one see this

tried it?

I lookd at it, but the Xorg repo (last time I looked) seems to be more
up to date with the various packages…

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And reading the comments. It sounds like it’s not working well for many.

It appears to be specific to Ubuntu and Fedora wrt packaging.

They have a faq page here:

I note this link with more detail:

I note they currently refer to these component packages:

  • Kernel: Linux 3.8.2
  • 3D Driver: Mesa 9.1
  • 2D Driver: xf86-video-intel 2.21.3
  • Libdrm: 2.4.42:
  • Libva: 1.1.1
  • Vaapi-driver-intel: 1.0.20
  • Cairo: 1.12.14
  • X Server: Xorg

and they have this to say about bugs:

There are important known fixed bugs and performance improvements coming on newest individual components releases that weren’t included in this stack release.

  • Mesa - 9.1.1 contains important fixes and performance improvements compared to 9.1 validated in this stack
  • xf86-video-intel 2.21.5 contains important fixes for HSW like “Fix scanline waits for Haswell” and “Fix Haswell CRW PCI-IDs”

All these fixes and improvements will be included and validated only on next stack release 2013Q2.

The validation hardware list has this:

  • Intel® 2013 Core Processor (Haswell)
  • Intel® HD Graphics 4000 (Ivy Bridge): Core i7 3610QM, Core i7 3770K
  • Intel® HD Graphics 2500 (Ivy Bridge): Core i5 3550
  • Intel® HD Graphics 3000 (Sandy Bridge): Core i7 2720QM, Core i7 2630QM, Core i7 2600K, Core i5 2500K
  • Intel® HD Graphics 2000 (Sandy Bridge): Core i7 2400S
  • Intel® HD Graphics (Ironlake): Core i5 670, Core i5 520M
  • GMA 3150 (Pineview): Atom N450
  • GM45
  • GM965
  • Q965
  • 945GM

There is (and will be) some Intel graphic hardware in our household. My wife’s Lenovo has an HD Graphics 3000 (Sandy Bridge) with a different Core i5 CPU than the one listed. I’ve purchased a Toshiba Ultrabook with an HD Graphics 4000 (Ivy Bridge) with a different Core i7 CPU than the one listed. But I suspect it would be month(s) before I attempted playing with what is to me an unknown driver ‘packaging’.