Intel GMA X4500MHD Hardware Accelerated video playback, does it work? (experiences?)

For a HTPC I’m looking at (mini-ITX) motherboards suited for Socket P (Intel P8400). The only one I found so far is the AOPEN i45GMt-HD which has the " Intel GMA X4500MHD" for graphics. Apparently this card does support Intel Clear Video under Windows Vista, but not under XP so I fear the Linux support might not be optimal either.
Can anyone confirm that hardware accelerated video playback works under Linux with the Intel GMA X4500MHD? No review I found about it seems to mention it.

Searching for Intel GMA X4500MHD on ThinkWiki resulted in this page. I have been using one of those integrated on a GM45 chipset in a Lenovo SL510 supplied with W7. It’s been very good on openSUSE 11.2 (KDE), 11.3 (KDE/Gnome), and now on 11.4 (KDE), including hardware accelerated video playback. On 11.3 and 11.4, the Flash streamed HD video (BBC iPlayer) worked perfectly, but that depends on your BB bandwidth and other PC resources.

You should also check the links at the bottom of that page, such as this one.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I however decided to use a different motherboard since the JetWay JNC64-LF is tons cheaper (and newegg has “jetway march savings” atm - how convenient) and comes with a NVIDIA 9100M G and NVidia Purevideo.
If that doesn’t work at least the motherboard has a PCI-e 16x slot :wink:

The knowledge might still come in handy when looking for a motherboard for another PC.

No problem, it’s always a game sourcing the components when budget rules. :slight_smile: