Intel ARC A750 & Spectacle Issues


I have an A750 that is running great on KDE Plasma in a fully updated Tumbleweed. Hardware encoding, OpenCL/GL and everything appears to be working properly. The motherboard is a ASUS Prime X570-Pro with a Ryzen 7 5700X, so there is no integrated graphics to interfere with anything. Re-sizable Bar is enabled. The monitor is a Samsung UR55 4K using the display port.

When selecting Rectangular Region to take a screenshot with Spectacle, I get a bright white fog over light colored windows to the point it’s hardly usable (it makes black text on a white background lighter). Changing “Use light background” in Spectacle Configure menu doesn’t appear to make any difference either way.

Using “Window Under Cursor” doesn’t capture the desired window but just a section of the screen with part of the window. Using Active Window works. Full Screen with a 1 second delay works. I cloned my Tumbleweed NVMe SSD to a USB enclosure and plugged it into my wife’s computer and Spectacle worked great. She has the exact same hardware except she has a RX580.

Also, using ALT+Shift+F12 to turn off the compositor fixes Spectacle with the A750. I’ve studied this pretty good and haven’t found anyone with the same problem. I also installed Spectacle from Mageia 9 and it has the same issues.

I didn’t not try HDMI yet, I forgot. I have not noticed any problems with Blender, Darktable, GIMP, VLC or the desktop etc. I did find wherhe the Spectacle developers made changes to how it displays the selection area but that’s been a couple of months ago.

I’m open to ideas from anyone who may have a clue what the problem is.

Thank you.

I found a workaround here.

I just noticed that if Spectacle is set to use last-used capture mode when opened
(Rectangular Region for me), the screen is not bleached.

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I’m experiencing this same issue. Oddly though, on TW it works as it should, but with openSuse MicroOS Kalpa, that’s where I see the “bleached” issue. I’ll compare the settings of both - thanks!

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