Installling KDevelop on YaST


I am fairly new user of OpenSuse, and I do apoligize to bother you with this highly beginner problem. Actually I come from Ubuntu and I am done with it…

I am trying to setup my development environment, and I would like to use KDevelop but when I try to download kdevelop4 on YaST, after I click on it, it gives an warning message which says, “nothing provides needed by libkdevplatform8-1.7.2-1.2.x86_64”. I have already look on internet about it but could not found any information about it :S. I have just found a similar problem (atleast as I guess) which is in german :S.

Can someone please help me to over this problem? I have already used zypper to search this particular lib but output of it was empty :S.

Thank you,

Never apologize for asking a question, all guru’s started as beginners asking questions :slight_smile:

Looking here -

it seems the package is currently broken. If you look to the right it says “unresolvable” meaning it is missing dependencies (packages) it requires to build.

I would suggest waiting a few days and maybe the package will get fixed, if not then reply here and someone can help you create a bug report.

You could also install kdevelop5 from KDE:Extra meanwhile:

But note that this is a Beta version.

The problem with kdevelop4 is that apparently grantlee (the KDE4 version) has been deleted from Factory… And kdevelop4 requires this.
So a bug report (or at least a message to the mailinglist) would definitely be in order.

:)Thank you cra1g321 for your warm welcome. I can ask my questions after that without shy anymore.

Also thank you for explaining how to evaluate factory reports on build.opensuse. But as wolfi323 says, I have already download the beta. I don’t mind it is beta, maybe if I find any bugs, I would be happy to open a bug report for it. Isn’t that beta’s for this :).

Anyway thank you for your helpful explanations.


FYI: grantlee is being added back again to fix the problem with kdevelop4:

So no bug report necessary any more (and filing one now would actually be pointless).

Thank you for notifying me :slight_smile: