Installing VLC player and propretary codec


I’m new to opensuse and just decided to install leap 42.2 beta 3. I got problem when trying to play my MP4 (H264/AAC) video and mp3 music.
I have read the top post of this forums but it doesn’t support leap 42.2 yet, and of course packman repository is not yet available too.
VLC repo for leap 42.2 ( ) doesn’t work, since one of the vlc-nox dependencies is not available.

Found this thread, but I think it’s not applicable for my case.

Any help and suggestion would be really appreciated

I’m not currently
But when using pre-release I use factory

Yeah it seems like a no go sadly, then again it is a beta.
Luckily SMplayer seems to work, its not as robust as VLC but does the job okay.
I am also giving openSUSE 42.2 beta 3 a try, everything seems great except for VLC oh well.

did you try the sle 12 packages, I’m not sure how sle 12 versioning works as packman doesn’t say sle12sp2 (or sp1) if sle older versions are supported or only the newest ones
as 42.2 is based on sle12 sp2 vlc for sle 12 should work on LEAP 42.2, just keep in mind video drivers and vdpau (if an nvidia user get the run file to use vdpau if not remove vdpau support)
I do remember using libxine from sle 12 when 42.1 came out

VLC is already in Leap 42.2 oss repo, but the problem is its not working, some how I manage to play video but MPEG-4 AAC audo not playing. mute video…
anybody have any idea how to fix it ?
this two package nowhere found.

I am here on Leap 42.2 with the Videolan Repo and can watch Videos without any Problems.

But this is for me only a temporary Solution, after Release of 42.2 and enabling the Packman Repo, I will disable the Videolan Repo and switch all Packages to Packman.

I’m using Leap 42.2 and I second the use of the Packman repository for VLC.

  1. Using Yast -> Software Management (for convenience you can do this in Zypper too), type in “vlc” and remove anything vlc related. I also removed gstreamer-ugly too but I’m not
    sure it’s necessary.

  2. Add the packman repository.

  3. Using Yast -> Software Management, (Yast really helps here), install “vlc” package from there and using the “Versions” tab in the Software Management MAKE SURE it’s from packman.

  4. Install “vlc-codecs” also with Yast -> Software Management. It may complain about “libavcodec56” or “libavcodec57”. These are also provided from the main repositories. Not a problem. Still using Yast -> Software Management tool, find these libraries, use the “Versions” tab to switch them to the packman version. Apply changes. You may still need to do the final step of installing “vlc-codecs” (the point of all this), but I found that Yast brought it along when I changed “libavcodec”-related packages to the Packman repo.

Hope that helps someone. Packman is a pretty good repo that I’ve managed to avoid breaking or having it break anything, just be careful!

EDIT: When you’re done look over the “Versions” tab of all the vlc and libavcodec prefixed packages you have installed. They should all be from packman. Once I did this my VLC worked without any issues.