Installing Urdu fonts

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone installed Urdu fonts on opensuse-10.3?
Urdu is one of the Pakistani and Indian languages. I have got nice Nafees-Nastaleeq.ttf urdu font downloaded. I have decompressed the file and have copied it into /usr/share/fonts/truetype directory. I have also run ‘fc-cache’. The fonts have appeared in openoffice but they do not work. When I type using these fonts in openoffice writer, I get only english alphabet. Is there anything more to be done to get the desired font working?
I am using English-US and US-keyboard. My desktop is KDE. I want to use Urdu fonts such as Nafees Nastaleeq in Openoffice only occasionally.

How should I proceed?

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I understand that Urdu and Arabic use the same alphabet, so maybe if you installed Arabic fonts/localizations it could help.

Sorry superppl, but Usrdu and Arabic is not the same aphabet. I hope this will forestal a flame from rsphagura. :wink:

The root of the Urdu alphabet is the Arabic alphabet, but is is at least as different as e.g. the german alphabet is from the english: a lot of diacriticals, etc.

Question to rsphagura:
You say they appear in OpenOffice. Do you mean by this they show when you choose Insert > Special Character and you can insert them via this mechanism? Or else what do you mean by “show”.

When they are there (and can be inserted via the menu Insert …) then the ‘only’ thing is how to tell the keyboard to input the code for say a Kaf when you type a certain key(combination). Because having a font available does not change anything to your keyboard, which will generate the Unicode for a K when you type K.

This is to make clear why you still can not type Urdu (but you will be able to read Urdu documents made by others).

Try changing to another keyboard in (for KDE3) Configuration Center > Regio … > Keyboard (I translate into english from my dutch KDE, so the wording may be different, hope you find it).

Hope this helps.