installing phpBB3 and SQLite

I have a dedicated webserver with openSUSE installed on it.

A friend recently approached me about hosting his phpBB forum on my webserver.

I need phpBB3.02 and SQLite.

I am new with both of these.

So I start installing php and I get to the database page. SQLite is chosen for the database type. “localhost” is the hostname. server port is blank. Database name: learningsquare
username: max
password: <password>

now I click next and I get this error:
“The database file specified is within your board directory tree. You should put this file in a non web-accessible location.”

First: I have no idea what I am doing with the SQL stuff. All I know is I went to a command window and typed “sqlite3 learningsquare.db” which apparently created a new database. I don’t know how the username password apply.

Basically I have no idea what to do and it needs to be done soon!


I think you need to read more about linux and linux security… at least before deploying an internet available server.

Good thing phpbb does a security check.

Also have a read of phpbb installation:


If you are installing using SQLite, you should enter the full path to your database file in the DSN field and leave the username and password fields blank. For security reasons, you should make sure that the database file is not stored in a location accessible from the web.

I guess the warning message is self-explanatory: phpbb warns you that you just put a database in a location which is accessible to everybody that connects to your http server (… From this I can only guess that you made a database in the http available directory and even more you have no password to it - bad security.

AFAIK sqlite uses files/folders for database since it is a serverless and " adatabase is a single ordinary disk file that can be located anywhere in the directory hierarchy"(hence no server:port is needed).

Also sqlite does not provide username/password protection from what I’ve read that’s why the checking done by phpbb and the “blocking” of the install. If you want to use it - its place should not be available to the outside world (internet users).

Good luck and happy reading.

Ok so are you saying that I need to find where the new database file is and then move it to a secure place, and then type in the path to the php install? Do you know where the database file is created?

I would use mySQL and it is installed but it doesn’t show up in the php installer. If it would be easier to use that could someone lead me in that direction?

I am actually saying to read some tutorials first. I think this will give you some idea on the installation with mysql database: howto for phpBB2 on FREESCO

Wordpress has some info on creating a myhsql database and user also.

eZ Publish CMS also has some info here.

To find the database file you created just search for the file with the name you gave: “learningsquare.db” which you created from the shell console. I do not have any experience using sqlite but it sounds reasonable that the database should not be in a public location.

The myqsl database option from phpBB might be grayed out because you do not have php5-mysql package or other package needed by phpBB.