installing Perl-Modules: via YAST or Terminal (cpan)

hello dear linux-experts,

how to do installs of Perl-modules :: which way is the best? installing Perl-Modules: via YAST or Terminal (cpan) in other words:

a. via console or
b. via yast

btw: at the console i can do it like so: for an example i want to install

cpan> install HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML

i can do it like so:

perl -MCPAN -e shell
on first run you'll need to configure it, just follow defaults, get local repositorie
cpan> install HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML

and we should be good, or the YAST package manager may allow us to install Perl modules as well

but sure i can do a check of the modules that i allready have installed

note: at the beginning - i need the following

Perl Mechanize
Mozrepl - addon for the Web-Browser
www mechanize firefox

well subsequently - i need to have a good make - (note: in the past time i often have had issues with the make)
so i need a good make: Therefore i need to check the version of the make that currently is installed

question: do i need to have a good Make?

one last question: what about - does the following module help to get an overview on all the modules i have installed.

Module::Load::Conditional provides simple ways to query and possibly load any of the modules you have installed on your system during runtime.It is able to load multiple modules at once or none at all if one of them was not able to load. It also takes care of any error checking and so forth.

look forward to hear from you


On 2014-05-25 18:56, dilbertone wrote:
> how to do installs of Perl-modules :: which way is the best? installing
> Perl-Modules: via YAST or Terminal (cpan) in other words:

Depends who you are :slight_smile:

Me, I prefer to find the package in openSUSE (maybe in an extra repo),
so that I install it with YaST. Then it gets updated automatically as
needed, as and when the rest of the system.

If I were developing for perl and wanted the latest, I would use the
cpan way.

If I were developing with perl, and thus wanting my users to easily and
reliably have my application working, I would use only YaST.

Notice my intentional choice of “for” and “with” above :wink:

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 13.1 x86_64 “Bottle” at Telcontar)

If you use an openSUSE tool like YAST or zypper with openSUSE repos configured, your package manager knows how to look for, manage/track and install dependencies from the openSUSE repos. Packages in the openSUSE repos have been vetted to work on openSUSE systems.

If you use source from elsewhere, there is no assurance that dependencies will be found automatically.

<Some> “alien” package managers like nodejs, python and ruby will likely mostly work fine, particularly if you have some Dev knowledge because either the packages are known to operate largely independently or conflicts can usually be figured out, but YMMV and depends on the individual’s skills.

I don’t know enough about CPAN’s packages to offer an opinion about using it.