installing opensuse11 with another notebook?

Hello together, one short question:

Is it possible to install openSUSE 11 on another notebook?

I’ve bought a new harddrive. My problem is my nonexisting optical drive (there is also no external dvd drive) for my Thinkpad X61s. My plan is to install Linux on my girlfriends Notebook on the new harddrive.

Are there any things I should overlook before installing the new OS??

Thanks for all opinions!


The main issue here is the hardware. If there are important hardware differences between the two machines, you will end with a Open Suse system perfectly tunned to your girlfriend system. Eventually this will end giving problems, unless both are 100% hardware identical.
You could also experience problems to boot your system if the boot disk order seen by your system doesn´t match those of the BIOS at installation time.

If you have a switch or hub where you can plug both notebooks and your girlfriend machine is already running a Linux distro, you can try installing from the network. It is a much advisable way to have Open Suse installed properly.
For that, have your girlfriend machine play the role of the installation source, while yours will be the installation target.
You can also install via SMB, what means that the machine hosting the installation sources can be a Windows machine. That is handy if your girlfriend notebook runs Windows instead of Linux.

See the following url for details: Chapter 1.0 Remote Installation.

Novell Documentation

Another alternative is to download the network mini CD and perform an Internet installation from the Open Suse repositories.
Details here:
INSTALL Internet - openSUSE