Installing opensuse on ps3 with usb flash

Hi ive tried google and ive seen the ps3 installation section. However, after creating a bootable usb stick with unetbootin when I turn my ps3 on theres a gui with two options: Booting back to sony xmb or installing opensuse (with usb flash),. When I click on install opensuse im taken to a text install screen (instead of the graphical interface that appears on a disc) Theres main menu with 4options so I choose 1) start installationg
then start installation comes up with 3 options and i choose 1) start installation or update then choose the source medium with 3 options I choose 3) hard disk then choose the hard disk partition with 4 options I choose 4) sda1 then it says enter the source directory and I dont know what to do from there. Please bare in mind that Im a complete linux newb I dont know what I have to look for when entering the source directory… Maybe some1 on these forums knows/ has done this before? Thanks.

Have a look at this:
PS3 - openSUSE