Installing Open Suse 11.1

I recently downloaded Open Suse 11.1 Iso file it takes me 16 hours to download this file, and then I burned to a DVD I got to install but never boot It hangs on in the booting process Any Ideas?

Hi. No idea yet! During the boot sequence press esc to see the system messages. Annotate the last lines before the system hangs and post here.

read closely the sections 2, 3, 4 and 6in the hints for new to
openSUSE folks in this thread

it is absolutely required to have a 100% perfect disk to install
from…if not, there will be problems…thousands of posts here prove

check the disk is perfect…if it is, then tell us what you see during
the boot process…like, do you see the very first screen (like in or just what do you

and, as the other poster mentioned, if you press Esc you might see
some words flash by and then a freeze…what is the last line written
when the freeze occurs?

oh, and welcome to our community…


incorrect forum,this is for forum usage problems not install/boot problems Moved to install/boot section