Installing on Intel Nuc


I got the Intel NUC DE3815TYKHE/DE3815TYKH0E is it possible to get OpenSuse installed on there? If so is there a tutorial on how to?

Does it have any storage beyond the on board 4GB?

You should be able to install the 64bit version fine from a USB device or USB attached DVD drive.

There’s a possibility that it is using 32-bit UEFI, which has caused some people problems. There are a few other threads on installing to Intel atom processors that you might find useful.

Yes attached a 64GB SATA Drive, the problem is that the old SATA drive has Windows 7 Professional 64-bit installed on it though it cannot boot up. I don’t know how to override that, tried the boot menu it does not even see the OpenSuse USB stick.

Ok got it installed with 64 bit OpenSuse after realizing that I grabbed the wrong USB drive and the one I had did not have any files :stuck_out_tongue:

PEBKAC… lol!