Installing LSP server binary for bash


distro: opensuse tumbleweed
de: kde
application: kate

im looking for a way to install this: GitHub - bash-lsp/bash-language-server: A language server for Bash

the lsp for python was just a pip install command, for the bash lsp it seems to be not as easy on opensuse. on the github page they list installation methods for other package managers, but not for zypper. with zypper search i cant find the package i need

there also is no kate specific way of installing it afaik. how can i install the bash-language-server binary?

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Well, it looks like here it is just npm install command, is not it?

npm i -g bash-language-server

npm is provided by nodejs-common package.


sry, my bad. i thought npm was some package manager for another distro like pacman or apt

so i install npm:
sudo zypper install nodejs-common

and then bash-language-server with the command you provided? will probably work :slight_smile:

thank you

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