Installing KDE with LUKS and Btrfs

I’m brand-new to openSUSE and pretty new to the Linux desktop. I installed it on an Intel NUC with LUKS, Btrfs and the Xfce desktop this weekend. Everything worked great, and I could reboot without any issues (other than having to type in the LUKS password twice, but that’s not my problem here). I then decided to upgrade the desktop to KDE to try it out by installing pattern, kde, and kde_plasma via zypper. I really liked it and was able to login and logout various times.

The problem was that when I rebooted, I went to the black-and-white screen asking for the LUKS password. That worked, and it took me to a GRUB prompt. When I had Xfce installed, I would just type “exit” and it would ask me for the LUKS password a second time. After entering it, I would go straight to the GUI and I could start web browsing etc. With KDE, after entering the LUKS password the first time, I again see the GRUB prompt, but typing “exit” brings me to a screen that says "Checking media presence… >>> Media Present… >>> Start PXE over IPv4 on MAC 1C-69-xx-xx-xx-xx. At that point, nothing happens no matter how long I wait.

So I decided to re-install from scratch in case the issue was transitioning from Xfce to KDE. This time, I installed with KDE and using LUKS and Btrfs. The results are unaffected by whether I allow LVM or not. I still have the same issue with going to the GRUB prompt, typing “exit” and then going to the screen that says >>> Start PXE… where I’m at a dead-end. I also tried pressing the F10 button to see that I’m booting openSUSE.

I suppose that I could learn the grub commands for loading the kernel and booting, but I’m hoping that I can get this fixed so that it boots as effortlessly as possible.

Any suggestions anyone has are most welcome.