installing intel compiler on opensuse 11.0


I have downloaded intel fortran compiler from intel website, but during its installation on opensuse 11.0, I receive the following message:

Missing optional pre-requisite
– cannot determine operating system type
– system glibc or kernel version not supported or not detectable
– binutils version not supported or not detectable

And if I ignore the message, the installed compiler could not be executed.

Could anyone help me how to solve this problem?


I am not familiar with Intel’s Fortran compiler. Why do you want to use that? Can’t you use the GNU Fortran compiler?

sudo zypper install gcc-fortran

If you want Fortran 77, install the following:

sudo zypper install gcc33-fortran


Thanks for the suggestion. I would be happy to install f77, but the message I received was:

gcc33-fortran not founf.
Nothing to do

It looks like you would need to use an OBS repo or devel:/ggc


would you kindly let me know what I should do to have OBS repo or devel:/ggc. I am very sory, but I’m not expert.

Follow the link and click the one click install. As for keeping or not keeping the repo it is your choice. If you keep it and it gets updated you’ll get the fix, but without looking at the repo you don’t know what else it may update. :wink:


sorry me for the silly question! I simply didn’t notice the link of “webpin”!!!

I have a question about compiling my code with f77. now I have compiled the code with gfortran, but some utilities of the code produce errors with gfortran.

Now that I have f77 how could I compile the file with it since I could not find the compiler executable like gfortran.

Asking the wrong person finding a pkg is way easy than writing/understanding it :wink:

But google got me to here …
Using and Porting GNU Fortran

Looks like g77

using gcc 77-fortran - Google Search

You can use the following command to compile:


Also, see the man page:

man g77-3.3

But, don’t ask me about fixing any errors now :slight_smile: I studied Fortran in 1981.

I installed intel fortran compiler successfully, even though there were some warnings about os and kernel and glibc versions.
you just have to ignore tham and installation somehow continues.
maybe you should try download latest version of intel fortran?
the thing that dissapoints is that compatibility is not full, and though this ifort works, it doesn’t parallel the code and so on. On opensuse 10.3 long time ago it was much better. afterwards intel stopped opensuse-compatibility (((

Have you done after installation but before running

source /opt/intel/Compiler/11.1/038/bin/ ia32 (intel64, ia64) ?

this is to be done otherwise you’ll get
“bash: ifort: command not found”

read manual :wink:

Sorry for digging up old thread. I am facing the same problem. And I did run the command:

source /opt/intel/Compiler/11.1/038/bin/ intel64

but afterwards, ifort still won’t running …

You are getting the error because of mismatch of the compiler with the kernel version.
probably it can be ignored, but it will ask - whether you want to install the intel compiler without any support. You can go ahead, for this you have to enter the proper number (i think 3) and see, if everything gets installed.

I doubt that - it will fail in installation of idb.

I encountered similar problem, but after proper updating of libstdc file, my problem got resolved.

All the best,


Please I m having same problem here. I m a total newbie pls and will appreciate ur guide pls. I have installed the intel compiler 11.1 on opensuse 11.1 and done the source bit. but its still wont compile a simple test pls what do i do next.