Installing input-remapper

I wonder if anyone has succeeded in installing and running input-remapper on 15.5? I have been trying for a while now and seem to be sliding further and further into dependency hell.

It is installed and runs on the command line but the gui does not start. I get this output on the command line:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/input-raceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/input-remapper-gtk", line 95, in <module>
    user_interface = UserInterface(message_broker, controller)
  File "/usr/lib/python3.11/site-packages/inputremapper/gui/", line 106, in __init__
  File "/usr/lib/python3.11/site-packages/inputremapper/gui/", line 141, in _build_ui
ValueError: Pointer arguments are restricted to integers, capsules, and None. See:

I can’t find any useful information on the error message at the end.

My current hypothesis is that I don’t have the correct gtksourceview4 packages installed. There is no gtksourceview4 in the repos (searched with opi); there is libgtksourceview4 and gtksourceview4-devel but neither of them are sufficient (??? Am I wrong about that?). I have started trying to compile gtksourceview but that has requirements that are not in the repos.

So before I go any further I would like to ask if anyone here has got input-remapper working, and how did you do it?

You should start to tell how/from where you installed this package as it is not available in any official openSUSE repo. A short check of the home repos which provides this package shows, that the package is broken and doesn’t build for any Leap release…
Several build requires are not available in official Leap repos. e.g, python3-pydantic and more…

My apologies: I compiled from source, from

I’m using Tumbleweed, but maybe my contribution here may provide a hint or two for you?
I keep a record of what commands to use when installing some things like Input Remapper:
Before using Manual install instructions from: GitHub - sezanzeb/input-remapper: 🎮 ⌨ An easy to use tool to change the behaviour of your input devices., first install these:
sudo zypper in python311-evdev gtksourceview4-devel gtksourceview4-lang libgtksourceview-4-0 python311-devel python311-pydantic python311-pydbus
Then use these commands as suggested (n.b. evdev is already installed):
sudo pip install --no-binary :all: git+
sudo systemctl enable input-remapper
sudo systemctl restart input-remapper

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Some of these packages in the list need to be adapted for Leap as they are only available for Tumbleweed…

And even after adapting the package list, it is not possible to start the app:

leaptest@test:~> input-remapper-gtk
  File "/usr/bin/input-remapper-gtk", line 23
    from __future__ import annotations
SyntaxError: future feature annotations is not defined

Thank you for the reply. This was exactly what I did. I also got this error

I got around that by editing the input-remapper*.py files in /usr/bin. The first line of each has


changed it to


This comes about because the default python version in Leap is too old. After than I get the error I listed above.

Okay, I hope system updates don’t muck it up for you.
If you’re using KDE Plasma and your use of input-remapper is for a mouse, it may be of interest to know there is good news on the horizon. I tested the upcoming release of Plasma 6 and my weird m560 mouse now works in Wayland with Plasma’s ‘rebind additional mouse buttons’ mouse settings option - only available when using Wayland. So when Plasma 6 comes to openSUSE in March, no more need for input-remapper for me :grinning:

It is kind of for a mouse; I’d like to control the mouse cursor with my keyboard. I know KDE has ‘mouse navigation’ where you can do this with the number pad, but my keyboard does not have one. Maybe on Plasma 6 there will be a way to control the mouse without needing an additional tool like input-remapper?

May be GitHub - jbensmann/xmouseless: A fast and simple way to control the mouse. will work for you.

Oh nice! Thank you! I see there is a successor ( which works on Wayland as well as X.

Poking around I also discovered

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