Installing dynamic DNS client on Opensuse LEAP 15.1

Installing dynamic DNS client on Opensuse LEAP 15.1

How would I be able to install a dynamic DNS client on opensuse leap 15.1?

The reason is because I use a wireless hotspot to get internet service and it has a dynamic IP address and I need my server to be able to adapt to the changing IP addresses…

Where would I put this code? How would I input this code? Would I log into root and then type something?

Authentication being passed in the URL
% curl -4 “…”

Authentication and Updating using GET
% curl “…”

Authentication and Updating using a POST
% curl “” -d “” -d “password=password” -d “txt=evaGxfADs6pSRb…”

What about the SIP trunk… Would I have to change something in the SIP trunk program accommodate for this?

I may have totally misread what you are trying to do but if you are connecting to hotspots then you are most likely to behind a router and firewall. If you are getting an IPv4 DDNS service then the dynamic dns service will get the public address which I suspect is not useful unless you have access to the firewall for port redirection. If you are getting IPv6 DDNS service then there is a good chance the router will not be configured for passing the packets. As such I think you may have to look much further than just the openSUSE box.

I read on another forum they can download a client from dyndns that automatically updates the IP when it changes…

I think it would be useful if you gave everyone a fuller explanation of what you are trying to achieve and the system layout. Specifically with respect to what control do you have of the router that the hotspot is connected to and are you using IPv4 or IPv6.

Just install the dyndns client or if the router supports it, add your account info into the router and enable. Since your running an unsupported release the default ddclient (zypper in ddclient) may not work…

Ah so you think that dyndns would work
Would i install dyndns client using zypper?

Add my accout info to the router? Its a wireless 5g hotspot Netgear Nighthawk 5g MR5100- would that allow me to add account info? What account info? I have a cloudflare and domain name…

Yes with zypper and then configure as required. I’m sure the dyndns link will provide that information.

If you have admin access to the router, then check the settings for a ddns tab, then you can configure here and it will keep the router internet address up to date, no client needed, that’s whats on the router.

This is assuming the server is on the local network and using the wireless router?

I see the Hotspot is a mobile hotspot. So it’s on the mobile network.

I had a suspicion that when using internet via the mobile network you were effectively NATed (I see references to CGNAT and conformation that you are already on an APN - private network) by the carrier. This thread explains more but I have to confess I don’t know a huge amount about mobile Internet.

As such you may be better off setting up a VPN using WireGuard which is what I have done to get public access to a machine connected via a 5G mobile hotspot.

Had a very quick look online at the Netgear Nighthawk 5g MR5100 (the things lockdown makes us do). It looks like it contains a NAT firewall with no port forwarding other than the ability to set up a DMZ. I believe there are Fixed IP SIMs available that give you an accessible fixed IP address from the internet so you could try one of those and set up the Nighthawk to activate it’s DMZ. As the SIM would have a fixed IP there would be no need to update the DDNS regularly and you could set it up on the hosting website manually once and for all.

Not saying the above will work but it’s what I would do if a VPN tunnel wasn’t workable.

I would buy a fixed ip sim card?

If you don’t have a fixed ip sim card then I think the network operator’s CGNAT (which I think virtually all use) would make it impossible to access the router from the internet directly and you would have to use some form of tunnel/VPN.

Also your private message of:

If i turn on the NAT firewall would I beable to set up the dynamic dns?

If you are getting a fixed ip sim card then you will not be changing your ip address so don’t need to set up dynamic dns other than going to the ddns hosting website and registering the ip against your domain name. It’s a one off operation.

The NAT firewall in the router is on by default. What you need to enable is the DMZ and set the local ip of your server (or whatever it is as you have not explained what you are actually trying to achieve) to the private ip address of the DMZ which will be in the router’s documentation. Then all connections made to you domain name will be directed to the fixed ip address of the 5G router which in turn will forward the connection to the DMZ ip locally and your server.

No DynDNS via mobile internet, CGNAT will always be in the way. If you want to setup a homepage or some server, rent a small server somewhere. If you want to have a site-to-site VPN, hopefully the remote end is not mobile (CGNAT) and can act as a server for e.g. openVPN or WireGuard…

These days a lot of thrash is sold as “internet” which actually is only one-way internet. You can reach the internet, but no way you can be reached from the internet.

But fixed IP SIM cards were made available to get around the CGNAT issues but as I have said in earlier posts I would go down the Wireguard route.

For details and uses of fixed IP SIM Cards here is a good link:

Before the use case is known, I would not recommend buying ANYthing :wink:

Quite agree and I have now asked Nabobs twice what he/she is actually trying to achieve.

In forums you ask thread openers 10 questions and get 2 good answers at best… Anything is soso secret. :wink: