Installing conky with lua and cairo?

I have some problems installing conky. I need cairo working with conky and itt’s not, if I install conky via rpm. So I tried to compile conky from source with:

./configure --enable-lua-cairo

ant that fails, because it requires tolua++. So I tried to compile tolua++ (uses scons), but that doesn’t work:

scons: Reading SConscript files ...

scons: warning: The Options class is deprecated; use the Variables class instead.
File "/home/jaa/Documents/obrázky/Plasmoidy/conky stuf/tolua++-1.0.93/SConstruct", line 19, in <module>
('********* tolua is ', 'bin/tolua++_bootstrap')

scons: warning: The env.Copy() method is deprecated; use the env.Clone() method instead.
File "/home/jaa/Documents/obrázky/Plasmoidy/conky stuf/tolua++-1.0.93/src/tests/SCsub", line 2, in <module>
scons: done reading SConscript files.
scons: Building targets ...
gcc -o bin/tolua++_bootstrap src/bin/tolua.o src/bin/toluabind_default.o lib/libtolua++_static.a -Llib -llua50 -llualib50 -ldl -lm
/usr/lib/gcc/i586-suse-linux/4.4/../../../../i586-suse-linux/bin/ld: cannot find -llua50
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
scons: *** [bin/tolua++_bootstrap] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.

Do you have any idea how to make this work?
I have openSUSE 11.2, KDE 4.3.5, conky 1.8.
Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

You can check the compile options with conky -V

Conky 1.8.0 compiled Wed May 19 03:23:21 UTC 2010 for Linux 2.6.32

Compiled in features:

System config file: /etc/conky/conky.conf
Package library path: /usr/lib/conky

* Xdamage extension
* XDBE (double buffer extension)
* Xft
* ARGB visual

Music detection:

* math
* hddtemp
* portmon
* wireless
* config-output
* Imlib2
* apcupsd
* iostats
* ncurses
* Lua

Lua bindings:
* Cairo
* Imlib2

I have also compiled tolua++ and is available here;
For conky it’s in the same repository, read the binary description to
see the options enabled.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Great, i haven’t noticed the binary info, now i’ve installed the right rpm and all works just fine…
Thanks :wink:

I also built a local version with nvidia enabled which isn’t on the OBS.

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