Installing CERN's VMFS: no packages.

I would like to use my openSUSE computer to run LHC@home through boinc. In order to participate fully I would need to install CVMFS ( however there doesn’t appear to be an installer available for openSUSE. So for a while now I have been running a Centos VM.

I would really like to run it without the overhead of virtualization so I am posting here to ask if you would please create an official openSUSE package for it.


Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
I would suggest contacting the folks at CERN to update their rpms for more current releases of openSUSE?

I see the latest at 2.8.1: Index of /dist/cvmfs/cvmfs-2.8.1

You could also grab the sle12 src rpm and build locally, to be honest it’s better to get from upstream rather than a distribution level.