Installing backtrack using suse without cdrom or floppy.

hello all,I got an old ibm 570e laptop.

managed to install suse on it by swaping the disk into an other laptop and back into the ibm.

suse is running fine.

i got 3 partitions:

dev/sda1 5gb /
dev/sda2 5gb /backtrack
dev/sda3 1.2gb /swap

Now i wonder if it is posible to install backtrack from the iso image onto dev/hda2.

any ideas ??

best regards

Take a look here Install Backtrack under SUSE 11 and here Howto -

You should scan through the wiki (above) installation section, but probably the easiest/closest to what you want to do is the “dual-boot with Ubuntu”. Basically, you install to the partition from the backtrack live-CD and then modify the grub boot loader control file (menu.lst) to boot backtrack.

I am a newbie…

i just wonder how to boot the livecd from thje iso without a cdrom

I tried to use partimage but had some error message. that the vmware image is incompatible ;

anywai thanks for help I read the HowTo’s again…

maybe i try to unpack the iso somehow onto the suse partiton and add it to grub somehow.
would this work at all ?

Possibly. I haven’t worked with backtrack, so I cannot say. Take a look also at the “live install, dual boot” section in that wiki - it appears the iso can be copied to disk, mounted as a loop device, set up in the grub menu.lst control file, and booted. Sorry, that’s all I can offer . . . perhaps someone else who has worked with it can help.

thank you !!!

You’re very welcome. :slight_smile: