Installing ATI Drivers


2 days ago my Opensuse 12.1 KDE system crashed after an update. An update to the fglrx system caused the crash. I was unable to login to Xorg.

Was only able to see the terminal at startup.

I had to reinstall the system as I had to get some work done and did not have time to get it fixed.

Now I have installed the OS all over again. Upon reading the documentation for installing ATI drivers I came across the Preamble

Preamble Before trying to install the fglrx package disable free radeon driver.

  • On the boot line add : radeon.modeset=0 blacklist=radeon 3
  • You will boot without xorg launched.
  • Recreate an initrd without the radeon loaded. Simply launch as root mkinitrd when it is done then proceed with one of the two method GUI or command line.


Now I am not an advanced user. Can someone kindly explain this in layman terms and what I need to do exactly.


I suggest you to read this article

I tried this. Installed the atiupgrade, ran it, it detected that th kernel source and some other stuff was not of the same version, updated it and installed Catalyst.

I thought this fixed the issue, but it hadnt. I opened the Catalyst control centre and it said that there is no driver installed for my graphics card.

I re-installed opensuse 12.1 again from scratch and ran the atiupgrade. It again did the same thing and resulted in no drivers installed(as indicated by Catalyst).

How do I successfully remove the opensource driver and install the proprietary fglrx drivers?

The problem is that the latest Catalyst driver (12.6) doesn’t support the Radeon HD 2000/3000/4000 series anymore. It’s a quite new issue and I’m working on it. See this thread: If you happen to have such a model, you can either pass “12.4” as argument to atiupgrade, so it will install Catalyst 12.4 (which works fine) or you can use the new version of the script available here:, which can install the Catalyst 12.6 legacy driver. Be aware that this driver is in a beta state and will display a watermark “Testing use only” on your desktop. Once this script has been tested with both legacy and newer models of ATI cards, I will release the new version in my repo.

One more thing: you should delete the files in /usr/share/atiupgrade before running atiupgrade in case you built the non legacy 12.6 driver in a previous attempt. Otherwise atiupgrade might try to install this driver again (since it has a higher version number than the legacy 12.6 beta driver.)