Installing a Samsung SE-208GB External DVD writer with openSUSE

Dear all,

Hello, tonight I installed openSUSE 13.2 on my desktop machine. Although I occasionally use a user account on a linux system at work, this is the first time I have chosen to have a linux setup at home and so am still quite ignorant.

My PC is a Novatech Nbox ii, which does not have an internal dvd drive. I have a Samsung SE-208GB external dvd writer and I was hoping to configure this for use with my PC and openSUSE.

However, I have not been able to work out if it is possible to, and if it is how to, configure this drive for use with openSUSE.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Ok confused 1)you have installed openSUSE, presumably from a USB stick and you want to now use a USB based DVD?? Or 2)do you wish to use the USB DVD to install??

If 1) then openSUSE should just use the drive. Might check lsusb to see if it is listed.
If 2) then the BIOS must see and use the USB DVD drive to boot. If it is possible you should see have options in the BIOS to set it so be first boot

Hi gogalthorp,

Thanks for the reply. It was 1), in that I had installed openSUSE from a USB stick, and now wanted to use an external DVD drive.

You were right that openSUSE would just use the drive - the problem was all my fault as I had, embarrassingly, not pushed the USB connector fully into the drive.

I am a fool and should have known that toiling with a new PC setup the night after a stag-do was a bad idea.

All the best and thanks for your help.