Installing a fresh install of Leap 15.2 on Raspberry Pi 3+ - Repository help

I am currently trying to upgrade a network service from a RPi 2 to a RPi 3+ (moving things around to better match hardware to services). I started with Leap 15.5 and dropped a version after each install failure until I was successful with 15.2. However, I’m running into problems with the repositories. I have found the directory on but when I try to add it it returns:

Permission to access ‘’ denied.

Could someone point me to the solution to this and perhaps some advise for me to step this up (upgrade) to a more suitable current version?

@carllindgren Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:
Is there any reason your not using aarch64 to complement the RPi3 arch?

As from the tag Leap 15.2 is End Of Life and the repositories are no longer in the main stream, but move to the ‘discontinued’ status for a limited time and also on limited Mirrors, and probably less likely for a ‘port’.


Thank you for your response. I have finally found the aarch64 directory branch that was the proper branch and it is working adequate so far. I just followed the directory branch that the install link pointed to.

I am amazed that the links on the RPi-3+ page are not pointed to the proper installs for that hardware. I’ll try to install the 15.4 version from that branch tomorrow.

The branch that worked is:

As you don‘t tell us which page you mean, nobody can check and maybe correct it ( if it is an openSUSE wiki page as example…).

The page is: