Installing a CA certificate

Hi guys, my email provider provides me an SSL certificate and I would like to install It on my opensuse installation (13.1 gnome on the first installation, Factory gnome in the second one). I’ve searched a lot but I wasn’t succefull and information I’ve found are a little bit messy.
Here’s the link to the certificate:

Thank you

You don’t describe what the certificate attributes are to know exactly what this cert is used for.
Assuming this cert is simply to trust the CA, you need to install into your app… However you access your email whether it’s a locally installed email app or your web browser.


The documentation seems to be “/usr/share/doc/packages/ca-certificates/README” on your system.

I’ve added a key to “/usr/share/pki/trust/anchors”. And, after adding, I run (as root)

# c_rehash

Tried but evolution is still asking me to add en exception for the SSL unrecognized certificate.

Refering to the first reply: I would like to install that certificate on the whole system to use It for mails, browser ecc.

In my case, “fetchmail” is recognizing the key that I added. But firefox is not, though I could also add the key to firefox as a CA key.

On the other hand, when I installed the “cacert” key, that did seem to be recognized by firefox and appears to be stored in the same directory.

I’d recommend you take a look at the official Evolution documentation, here is a link to their pages on setting up encryption. S/MIME is generally setup as symmetrical encryption so I’d guess that if you were given a root CA you should follow the instructions to set up GPG.